Bowman & Company Announces New Supervisors

Amber, Christopher, Maribel, and John!

Bowman & Company is happy to announce the promotions of Amber Dominguez, Christopher (Chris) Buzo, Maribel Galan, CPA, and John Normington. These four professionals will take on new their new roles as Supervisors.

Amber has been in the accounting field for four and a half years with Bowman and is in the final stages of finishing up earning her CPA license. She attributes a great deal of her success to those who have mentored her in official and unofficial capacities. In the office, Amber is most passionate about working with Non-Profits. Outside of work, Amber is passionate about cats and finding loving homes for her foster kittens. Amber is currently managing the balance of transitioning from staff on audit engagements to in charging those engagements and is looking forward to new opportunities.

Chris has been in the accounting field for five years and with Bowman for one and a half years where he has enjoyed working with the team specializing in Tax Accounting. While Chris feels there are many resources available at Bowman to support him in his professional development, he felt that the people he works with and everything he has learned from them to be his most valuable resource. Chris is a “learn by doing” individual and takes the knowledge he gains and uses it to gain proficiency. Chris is passionate about maintaining a reputation for reliability and dependability for the Firm and his colleagues. 

Maribel has been in the accounting field for over five years and has spent the past two and a half years with Bowman.  She initially began her career working in Audit before transitioning to the Tax side of the firm. She considers her transition to the Tax team to be one of her top experiences at Bowman because of the resources available and people who supported her as she gained new expertise. Maribel appreciates the example of the many Firm leaders who demonstrate a work-life balance, and she hopes to emulate this in her own career. She looks forward to broadening her technical tax skills and becoming someone at the Firm who others will view as a resource.

John started his accounting career with Bowman and has been with the firm for seven years. He attributes a great deal of his success and career development to his co-workers, who are always very helpful, and the guidance and support of the Partners. John also shared a secret to his success: consolidating questions to be respectful of other’s time and covering multiple topics at once. John currently specializes in Low-Income Housing Tax Returns and was previously focused in Audit. John recalls a time when managing the budget of each project was a challenge and how he overcame this through understanding the nuances for each project. John appreciates all of the fun activities we do at Bowman, especially night out at the ballpark.

Congratulations Amber, Christopher, Maribel, and John!