Life at Bowman

Life at Bowman

“These people are really fun!” remarked one client. “I can’t believe they’re accountants!”

There’s a reason why a privately held firm in Stockton, California was voted one of the “Best of The Best” accounting firms in the country. If you’re looking for a career in a place you’ll want to stay — working and playing side by side with people who are more than just colleagues, then Bowman & Company could be just right for you. Our culture includes social events, firm activities and community service along with professional opportunities, training and development and work/life balance in an open and supportive environment. Join us and experience it yourself!

Diversity of thought, knowledge and people makes our company stronger at every level. Our teams are carefully designed to foster exchange of ideas and the development of our younger staff as they grow. Catherine Chan, a Partner at Bowman says, “I enjoy Bowman’s family environment and its rigorous professional standards. Working with people, assisting clients in their decision-making and being given the opportunity to do innovative thinking are definite pluses.”

Our employees are the life-blood of our company, our single most valuable asset — and we make sure they know it. Our culture values everyone’s contribution because our friendly team of professionals is collaborative and dare we say…fun! “When we sat down and ranked the things that were the most important aspects of our work, almost every member of our team said that accuracy and timeliness were the most important,” says Partner Tobbie Wells. “And we really value our ability to care about our clients and friends. One of our top-producing people reduced her work schedule to a seasonal part-time basis so that she could raise her family. And we support that 100%. We want this to be a place where you can work your entire career, and in order to do that, we need to work with the needs of our team.“

Partner Dan Phelps is quick to add, “Our emphasis on work/life balance doesn’t mean that we ever sacrifice the interests of our clients; when we need someone to step up for a week to get a project done, they know it’s important and will meet the challenge. We have deep resources that are able to exceed our clients’ needs.”

The fun spirit is infectious.
It was on April Fools’ Day in 2005 that Partner Daryl Petrick launched the very first Fun Friday. “It was a one-hour lunchtime event designed to break up the stress of tax season with a friendly putting competition and Happy Meals from McDonalds,” he remembers, And ever since, Fun Friday has been one of the hallmarks of the Bowman staff experience. “There are a few overall principles,” Daryl says. “First, no one knows what’s going to happen. The events are competitive, and take place over a lunch hour. And they have to be able to be accessed and enjoyed by everyone in our firm.”

“These people are really fun!” remarked one client. “I can’t believe they’re accountants!” And that’s just the way everyone at Bowman and our clients like it. We want to be leading the pack as the most respected, hard-working team in our field, while having fun at the same time.