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Dolores has a large roster of industries. She serves wineries, agriculture, construction, food service, medical, veterinary, legal, retail, trucking, insurance, and real estate. “No business is too small or too big,” she says. “I love the challenge and hard work.”


Born in New York, Dolores grew up on a family farm in New Jersey. “We raised chickens, goats, cows, and sheep. It was a lot of hard work — the hours were long — but we all reaped the rewards of our labor.”


Dolores has been with Bowman since 1983 (and with husband Vince since 1966, she proudly points out). Her areas of expertise include payroll, property and sales tax, income tax reporting, setting up accounting systems for small businesses and helping clients maintain their accounting systems with on-line support.


Off The Record: “I believe in helping people in both my personal life and professional life,” Dolores says. She actively supports organizations such as the Child Abuse Prevention Council, Delta Humane Society, and World Vision.