Real Estate Owners

We have decades of experience in predicting and preparing for changes in the market.

Owners of real estate have special needs and concerns. We’ve been advising some of California’s largest real estate developers since our firm’s inception. Whether you are interested in buying your first rental house, maximizing depreciation on your apartment building, considering a tax-deferred exchange, or obtaining new financing, Bowman team members have the experience of working on all facets of real estate transactions.

We understand that every real estate investment involves different objectives, concerns, and opportunities. We have decades of experience in predicting and preparing for changes in the market. Our job simply isn’t done until you have peace of mind regarding all the aspects of your investment.

One of the most important opportunities in real estate ownership involves maximizing the tax advantages of depreciation, which is generally considered to be one of the most effective tax shelters in the tax law. We can coordinate having your property evaluated by a tax-focused engineering firm which specializes in depreciation planning. With an engineering-based study, you may be able to accelerate future depreciation or even obtain tax refunds from recalculating depreciation which is allowable for prior years.

Bowman also specializes in estates and trusts for those that want to ensure their legacy and pass down their property and land assets to their heirs. We understand the value of a lifetime of hard work, and can assist you in the necessary steps to secure your legacy, which includes preparing for any tax consequences that come with the transfer of property.

Whether your real estate ownership is a small rental house that you manage yourself, or a multi-family apartment project that needs an annual financial audit, your Bowman team is ready to help.